High-Visibility Reflective Tape - UK, Ireland & across Europe - ECE 104 Grade

Our range of ECE 104 grade reflective tape is produced exclusively for us for application on trucks, machinery and any other location where high visibility is required.

We are the leading importers and distributors of this new high-visibility reflective tape. Buy High-Visibility Tape and we will dispatch to you immediately. Contact us for retail and trade orders throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and all other EC countries.

High-Visibility Truck Tape

Buy High Visibiity Truck Tape online UK, Ireland and throughout Europe

We supply in rolls of 50 metres long by 50mm thick in colours red, yellow / amber and white. Buy Truck Tape now.

Conspicuity Regulations

ECE 104 Truck Conspicuity Regulations from Truck Tape UK & Ireland

EU laws now specify that commercial vehicles must now use this form of high-visibility reflective marking: superseding the traditional chevron marking system. Read more about Truck Conspicuity Regulations

Leading Suppliers of Truck Tape

Truck visibiity done right with High Visibility Tape from Truck Tape UK & Ireland - see our Image Gallery

Our tape has been successfully applied by customers throughout Ireland, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom and the rest of Europe. See more in our Truck Tape Gallery.

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